3 New LHD Villa Cars for Less than £10k

Having a left hand drive car for your apartment or villa is an attractive proposition….

For those of us who regularly travel to their holiday home in France, Spain, Italy or Portugal and are fed up of hire cars costs and waits at the rental desks a little runaround can be compelling. With the added benefit of providing an ideal bonus for visiting family and being an economic round town runner. Equally many people want something that won’t break the bank but has the comfort of manufacturer warranty.

Here are the three brand new left hand drive cars that can be imported pretty much anywhere for well under £10000.

fiat pandaLHD Fiat Panda – These are always popular as they combine a small car with surprising amounts of interior space due to it’s somewhat boxy styling. Combining all the essential items, popular styling in an old favourite. This is an Total Auto top seller and at £7950 including all UK taxes they can be bargain choice.


VW UpLeft Hand Drive Volkswagen Up! – A brand that despite it’s setbacks still sold more cars at the end of 2015 than the previous year. Great quality build and stylish looks along with incredibly economic engines. This punchy 1.0 litre engine is an ideal super mini car to store in your villa garage. Available for as little at £7250 tax free!


punto002Left Hand Drive Fiat Punto – Ok so this is the second Fiat in our run down and whilst we considered putting in something like the Hyundai i10 we thought the Punto cut the mustard because it offers something a little bigger than the Panda and Up! for less money without compromising on spec either. This bargain car would be less tha £9250 landed and registered in Spain.


All of these cars are available for quick delivery and can be priced for export and import across Europe both tax paid and tax free.