Brexit: Service Uninterrupted

10 Days on from the UK’s Vote to Leave the EU we looked at how this affects the left hand drive car buyer.

So it goes without saying the staff at Total Auto Cars were as shocked and upset by the results of the UK’s EU Referendum. We deal with people across the European Union every single day from military personnel in Germany, expats in the Spanish Sun, Jet Setters in Monaco to second home owners in France’s Loire Valley and not only can we acknowledge that the EU offers our clients a world of wonder and opportunity but it also simplifies and brings advantage to those wishing to move or buy a left hand drive car.

Fortunately we have been working for months now on our “back up plan” and would dare say the UK’s fastest growing left hand drive car supplier has positioned itself to continue to not only support our clients but if anything develop the opportunity in a way no other British supplier can. Now there are question marks over two key areas one of which is the way that “goods” will be treated be it new purchases or cars that are already owned i.e. how the single market operates and secondly the question of “free movement of people” an issue that is clearly close to all of our clients hearts.

The reality is there is plenty of precedent for at worst case non-EU citizens to live within the EU and all of us can be reasonably sure that won’t disappear albeit official residency statuses may alter from how they are now and there maybe other considerations to think about like healthcare. Brits were in Spain before the EU during the time of Franco and today contribute hugely to the economy there. Norwegian, Swiss, Russian and Chinese as well North African citizens all have investments financially and physically throughout Europe also. All of which have an appetite for great deals on left hand drive Range Rover and Nissan and so on.

So what about the cars you own or want to buy? Well in real terms there is a minimum exit period associated with Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty so it’s a good two years before we actually leave the EU and in this time a lot can happen. In all instances our clients want to be able to register and homologate their car in that country so in real terms before any exit and assuming the worst which is no trade deal at all the goods would have been long imported. What is key to this all is planning and forward thinking and not only looking at ways to maximise those savings as ever but ensuring that the vehicle is set to be imported correctly.

In the next week we will be launching details of some of our guarantees to our client base along with our care package to help support expats and second homeowners as well with their exisiting and new LHD cars.