Car in Focus: Used 2013 Kia Sportage

This week we take a look at one of used vehicle stock – a left hand drive Kia Sportage.

2013 LHD Kia Sportage001LHD Kia Sportage are a regular feature amongst the used car stock at Total Auto’s Cambridgeshire offices as well as being a really popular choice for new car buyers. It’s also something we source pretty regularly for people too. The Sportage has so many advantages in terms of price, size and equipment and to be completely fair they really a versatile, great value vehicle.

We have in our stock a Sportage 1.6 GDI. Which is the petrol engine. This pacey petrol engine offer 42 miles to the gallon (as good as some diesel variants) and offers a smooth ride too. This engine is particularly good news for those who are looking for a large SUV type vehicle thats carries people and luggage but typically don’t travel long distances. Diesel still requires longer distances to really get to maximum fuel economy and over short hops and around town petrol offers better economy. Where it is also particularly good news is when being operated in Eastern Europe close to non EU and poorer fuel quality areas. Petrol cars don’t have the filtration systems that diesel do and don’t get clogged up which also makes it good for North Africa, West Africa and a popular choice for a country like Ecuador where quite a few citizens are returning currently.

2013 LHD Kia Sportage009 2013 LHD Kia Sportage016A left hand drive Kia Sportage also offer size in terms of boot space, road height and capacity for carrying people. Whilst two wheel drive it has ground clearance a plenty for those pot holeyroads. Good driving position allows for excellent vision. The equipment levels are good an include radio, CD, MP3 and auxillary connections, bluetooth and climater control. Everything essential. We can even look to fit aftermarket navigation equipment as well like sat nav units.

This particular vehicle comes in white and looks particularly dashing in it. Nicely designed cloth upholstery sets the interior off and a well put together interior also makes for a robust and solid finish. Also don’t forget these come with a lengthy 7 year warranty so on this 2013 low miles example you still have 4 years of worry free motoring. This particular vehicle is currently on it’s UK plate but has also had it’s Spanish ITV carried out so all we need to do apply for the registration number and documents!

You can find out more detail on this particular car here.