Car in Focus: Used 2014 LHD VW Golf Diesel Estate

This week we take a look at one of our stock left hand drive used cars. A LHD Volkswagen Golf Estate.

The Golf represents the atypical mid-sector car both for desirability and aspiration almost being the pinnacle of consumer choice within this market. Volkswagen’s reputation for quality build and strong residual value make the Golf an equally good quasi-investment with minimal depreciation too. The estate version represents a small share of the market overall appealling more to the small family as opposed to the hot hatch driver. Within the left hand drive cars market we see an increased appetite for the medium sized estate and in real terms the logic makes a lot of sense. The majority of our clients are couples with second homes or retiring abroad. Day to day the requirements generally are for something relatively compact but from time to time more room is needed for moving things about, the journey back to the UK and for picking up friends and relatives from the airport. This is where a LHD VW Golf Estate comes into itself with room for 5 adults and suitcases but equally not so big that you can’t park or navigate Europe’s old streets and towns.

This particular version comes well appointed with all of the essential equipments including full electric windows, bluetooth, cd, radio and media interface. It has climate control as an ehancement to standard air conditioning. Arguably it is only missing navigation of some kind although use of standalone GPS doesn’t feel wrong or out of place. The Golf’s 1.6 TDI engine also offers great fuel economy genuinely achieving 65 mpg or so on motorway runs.

Condition wise this vehicle is immaculate with up to date servicing and incredibly low miles at circa 25000 miles. At just £12895 including UK VAT this represents a real bargain of a left hand drive car which also includes the balance of the Volkswagen manufacturer guarantee. The car is also available for tax free sale to either individuals with tax free status (i.e. military or diplomatic staff) or for export outside of the EU. So if you are looking for a good quality, reliable used car at a great price then maybe this could be a potential candidate. With low Co2 emissions this makies it an ideal choice for import to France or Spain. For example, inclusive of road tax and your number plates and all inspection costs and administration you could register this car with our support in Spain for just £550!

For more detail on this car take a look here.