Consider a Left Hand Drive Hyundai?

We’re seeing more and more people looking to LHD Hyundai…

Hyundai used to be a brand that in fairness was sold as an alternative option maybe meeting a certain price point maybe some would come along looking for a left hand drive Citroen and through a process of discussion a Hyundai was put forward as a viable budget satisfying alternative. Equally it was sometimes a brand not considered outright but chosen simply because the deal was good.

Like sister brand Kia, Hyundai has built a reputation initially a market penetrating cheap car but over the years developed a reputation for good value for money. Long warranties have helped not only capture customers enticed by the comfort of manufacturer support but also helped the car maker iron out creases and kinks in reliability. Now the brands stand out as offerring long term support, plenty of equipment and tech all for a reasonable price. In many ways they have stolen the pace from the likes of Ford, Vauxhall and the French brands.

The reality is you have a comprehensive range that covers super-mini cars like the i10 through to big SUV’s like LHD Hyundai Santa Fe and even car like people movers like the i800 or as it is continentally known the the Hyundai H10. In fact the brand stands out as offering far more to the owner than any other alternative. A great example was a recent Hyundai Santa Fe purchased by the client for use in Spain. Initially we quoted on the Land Rover Discovery Sport which lets face it is a nice looking car with a great pedigree for off road but at nearly £40000 UK Registered didn’t offer anywhere near the additional technology as well as more space and things like full leather all for around £31000. Ok if you like the name Land Rover then you may not easily lean towards a Hyundai but logically you get a lot more for your hard earned cash.

One of the team has been working with a client this week on a Hyundai H1 or i800 as we know it in the UK. It’s a little thought of people mover come minibus and in a world dominated by the commercial style Renault Trafic Passenger and the luxury Mercedes Vito there is little by way of a half way house. Striking on a sub £28000 UK Taxes paid vehicle with every concievable option bar in-car DVD was a real coup!

The fact is left hand drive Hyundai offer plenty of spec, a car for just about every purpose and most of all particularly in the LHD car market plenty of deals. Whilst our advertised prices are very good there are more often than not more deals out there we can get a hold of too.