Exciting New Pricing Launched on LHD Land Rover and Jaguar

We can announce great new pricing 2 of our leading brands with price reductions and Euro pricing for LHD Land Rover and Jaguar…


As we head straight into 2016 Model Year for many of the models within the Jaguar, Land Rover and Range Rover line up we kick June and the summer off with some exceptional new deals on models from within the JLR range. 


For Land Rover we see some great price reductions on Discovery Sport and also on Range Rover Evoque saving literally £1000’s on the range versus both UK and continental pricing. Plus left hand drive Land Rover buyers have the opportunity to buy engines not offerred on the RHD equivalent. Discovery Sport has gone off with a bang and the new line up of engines and trim levels on the Evoque makes for some import friendly pricing for Luxury car buyers.


When it comes to your left hand drive Jaguar we have shaved some big numbers of the range. With F Type enjoying £3000 more saving this year than the already well priced and price list busting figures we offerred previously. The same goes for XF which sees at least £2000 difference and a left hand drive Jaguar XE really wont break the bank either with some strong support against continental list prices.


We are also able to offer fixed price Euro deals to. So both British and Eurozone buyers can fix their pricing in stone at order stage. 


Finally don’t worry we are expecting in the next few days to be announcing more deals on Range Rover Sport, Discovery, Range Rover and Jaguar XJ.