Introducing the LHD Land Rover Discovery Sport

The latest addition to the Land Rover is the Discovery Sport so what can you expect from your LHD Car?


Without a doubt the British Car Maker has gone from strength to strength in the last 5 years with sucessful launches for the Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and the Evoque. Every generation of their vehicles has seen worldwide acclaim and the products are sought after. The latest addition is the Discovery Sport which replaces the Freelander. Conceptually the new Discovery Sport is the same kind of size as the Freelander and fits from a functionality point of view perfectly with the added bonus of a seven seat option. Whilst a distinct 5+2 configuration (i.e. 2 kids in the rear) it gives that additional benefit not found with the Freelander. There is an underlying feeling that the rugged and sometimes utilitarian appeal of the Freelander isn’t quite felt with a left hand drive Discovery Sport. The car is as much about looks as it is function albeit that the pedigree and performance on and off road is superior to the Freelander. Then you are buying a car which whilst branded as Discovery, lends more from Range Rover than Land Rover.


Externally it blends sporty looks with somewhat Evoque-esque styling in a line up you may even confuse the nose as an Evoque but form side profile you see a different car with the height of the Discovery. This has been desngned to move people and luggage on and off road. Inside, it depending on the version it feels a little more Land Rover on the entry models but specced up to the hilt with the seating style it again feels like a premium SUV. The one we had come in recently sported an array of options including full leather tan seats and black pack giving it a sports SUV look with a fashionable edge encompassing black wheels and black roof panoramic roof.


You can also specify your LHD Land Rover Discovery Sport with a good choice of comfort and entertainment options which includes things like rear seat entertainment, upgraded sound systems and winter packs. The kind of options we have now seen available through the Jaguar Land Rover range. The interior is spacious and comfortable, it feels like a premium vehicle in terms of build. Will it fully appeal to those that liked the Freelander maybe not simply because it the luxury edge and styling are different and possibly entices a different buyer into the range. Freelander buyers may feel as though they would consider other options from the likes of Toyota for example instead. This isn’t an exercise in alienating customers it’s really about creaitng something that fits the brands direction and appealing to customers on a broader level.


A left hand drive Discovery Sport also comes with an interesting price point. The vehicle we bought in was highly specified HSE Luxury and pushing pricing into the mid £40000’s including UK taxes but actually the equally refined but far simpler models can be entered into for as little as £24000 including taxes on average. Interestingly the LHD Cars offers more scope than the UK equivalent offering a very simple entry level S or Pure model and access to engines and transmission combinations unavailable in the UK where the focus is on the higher power engines. So accessing the Discovery Sport is very much still attainable and the range allows you to go from functional to luxury.


Take a look through our photo gallery below to see what you do with your Discovery Sport and if you would like a quote for buying a left hand drive one and importing to your country then get in touch with one of the team and check out our LHD Discovery Sport offers here.


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