It’s not just your LHD car we can help with..

Being based here in the UK Total Auto are ideally placed to help those looking for right hand drive cars as well.

Being situated in one of the biggest right hand drive markets in the world Total Auto are ideally placed to help you find your ideal RHD car as well. Our parent company Total Automotive Solutions majors on the re-marketing and sourcing of used cars more specifically within the UK market but with Total Auto’s market leading experience of export and tax free car sales this ideally places us to help you with that.

Whether you are looking for a car for Ireland, Malta, Cyprus or the Channel Islands we can support you in finding not only a great deal on a right hand drive car but also provide our extensive assurances regarding it’s quality by putting it through the same rigorous pre-export checks that we offer for our left hand drive cars. Where manufacturer warranty is no longer available we can also offer our extensive cross border warranty product as well.

For those of you looking at a tax free sale we can also help there with access to an array of VAT qualifying cars ideal for export for business users wishing to pay VAT in their destination country and also ideal for clients in Cyprus where there is a lower VAT rate than the UK and for Jersey and Guernsey where no VAT is applicable.

If you are looking for a deal on new cars then for some destinations like the Channel Islands we can also help with that too. We can also provide delivery and shipping services throughout Europe and look to that your RHD or LHD car in part exchange.

For more information on our RHD cars get in touch with one of our advisors.