Left hand Drive 4×4 – Still 1st Choice!

Left hand drive four wheel drives are still top of the shopping list for most buyers…


And in reality it has been that way for some time. 4×4’s in the modern age offer the owner a host of benefits not only in their ability to traverse poor road or off road conditions but in terms of space and size as well as road comfort. Even in places like rural France, Portugal and Spain road conditions aren’t always great and even if just deep pot holes the damage and impact to cars is felt less with a 4×4. Additionally left hand drive 4×4 cars are very popular in areas like Switzerland, the Alps, Italy and Andorra simply to allow owners to drive safely through snow seasons. Also when travelling with the family, groups of adults or when carrying luggage and equipment the average SUV or 4×4 has plenty of room making it easy to fill and get things in and out. 


Finding the right vehicle for job and budget can be difficult though. The segment is very competitive these days with an array of options for all budgets. A left hand drive Land Rover Discovery or Range Rover Evoque offers premium branding and build and certainly the Discovery’s 7 seats make a lot of sense for those carrying people. At the economy end of the scale the Dacia Duster provides great pricing, nice equipment and cheap running costs. The old favourite of course has become left hand drive Nissan Qashqai. In the main these aren’t actually 4 wheel drive but the 2WD offers most of the benefits of SUV driving.


For those looking for something that can really contend with off road and poor conditions. Our personal favourite is still a left hand drive Land Rover Defender. This truly is the ultimate off road machine and whilst it doesn’t necessarily provide luxury or even overly comfortable driving. It is a workhorse capable of dealing with almost any challenge thrown at it. 


Taking a slightly different approach to 4 wheel drive is pickup. Pickups have been used for both work and lifestyle driving for years now and really can do the job. A double cab truck like a left hand drive Toyota Hi Lux would give you room for 5 adults, the kitchen sink, suitcases and half your possessions in the back and then the ability to go offroad and ignore the most agrressive Mediteranean pot hole.


4×4’s undoubtedly have a place in the practical living for most expatriots and with choices of left hand drive car out their ranging from £12000 to £120000 there is a lot to consider. Fortunately we are used to helping clients find the right vehicle for the right job and price.