LHD Car Import and Warranty

Not always the first question we’re asked but usually in the top five and that is how is warranty effected on left hand drive cars new and used?


And to be quite honest its a really simple answer. Within the EU it is a legal requirement for manufacturers to offer a warranty that crosses all borders so even if you buy or import a left hand drive car into the UK from Belgium which you then take to Spain 12 months later and assuming the car is within the offerred manufacturer warranty period and has been maintained in accordance with manufacturer guidelines then the warranty stands. To be fair long gone are the days where warranty is refused by local dealers because you imported the car a combination of legal requirement, pressure from the car maker and a change in desire to provide more aftersales has driven a positive approach by most franchise dealers.


So outside of extended warranty deals, the standard warranty is pan-European and is the same in each country so for example Land Rover’s warranty is 3 years and applies in all European destinations. Kia’s wonderful warranty provides 7 years of manufactuer endorsed left hand drive Kia driving. This also applies t used cars within warranty periods as well. 


What about used cars outside of manufacturer warranty? Well this all comes down to your dealer but here at Total Auto we have developed a warranty product which is backed by a third party warranty provider that helps us administer a 6-12 month warranty product that can support your UK left hand drive car purchase in any European country. We simply administer and manage the claim for you.


If you want to find out more about LHD car warranty be it on new cars or used ones feel free to get in touch.