Moving Abroad – Register the Car

Buying and importing your left hand drive car into the country you are moving can seem daunting..


When making the move to your new home abroad or buying a second property there are many things to think about and the car is almost certainly on the list but dealing with the formalities of importing a car can be challenging at the best of times. Every country has a different set of rules on registration, taxes and inspection procedures.


With a RHD car importing can be complex on a technical level and often be more hassle than its worth this why so many people choose to buy a left hand drive car but even then especially when pricing is concerned and having the correct documentation is concerned it can be difficult. One solution we offer that works well for British expats and second home owners is the ability to buy a new or used UK registered left hand drive car.


This comes with certain benefits in that you can have ownership documents in your name and address that makes ownership clear and insuring it easier. Additionally you have no initial pressure to get it off of foreign plates or export plates so if for any reason plans change or documentation or house sales get delayed you are left in an advantageous position in that you still have a road legal car. 


Furthermore when it comes to tax and VAT there are advantages. With the exception of only a couple of European countries the UK has one of the lower VAT rates at 20% when a car is tax free then paying the VAT in the UK and retaining that registration for 6 months means you can benefit from this lower rate. Equally if you a permanenty changing residence then if you can demonstrate 6 months ownership then you can import your LHD car without paying certain registration taxes which in places like Spain and Portugal can save you quite literally thousands of pounds.


Changing over your UK registered car is potentially easy too. We can help you in Spain, Switzerland and a number of other countries but even if you are importing a car to France whilst the system is requires your own intervention it can be done online to a great degree where the car is used.