New Car Update

There are some great new releases coming from some of the worlds motor manufacturers, which left hand drive car would you choose?


So Jaguar have released details of their 3 Series buster the new Jaguar XE. Low CO2 and good performance all mixed up with classic Jaguar styling not unfamilar from the XF. There is the distinct impression of a sporty saloon car aimed at bringing people into the Jaguar range at an earlier level. Prices in the UK are set to start from £27000 including VAT, could a left hand drive Jaguar XE be for you?


It’s now a sports classic, the MX5 gets a fourth generation revamp taking styling from 3 and 6. Mazda are approaching 1 million sales with this affordable sports roadster and generation 4 will help tip that landmark figure. Lighter chassis, shaper looks and better weight distrubution due to improved engine positioning this will be the best Mazda yet.


Peugeot is set to Launch a new 308 GT which is aimed to be a proper Golf GTI or Leon Curpra beater. Nicer styling, bodykit and bigger wheels and the 1.6 THP 202 BHP petrol engine or the 178 BHP diesel. At prices starting from £25000 in the UK we wonder whether it’s enough to get people out of the Seat and VW and into a LHD Peugeot?


Honda are also having a pop at the sucessful Nissan Juke with a rival call the HRV. This little SUV is set to join the range next year and seems to borrow styling not only from it’s rival but bodylines to us that are not unbsimilar to the Peugeot 208 but on stilts! 


Audi have also released their upgraded and facelifted Audi TT Coupe on the face of it not looking overly different but its all in the detail with sharper design lines. The interior is built around Audi’s virtual cockpit with sleek design looking more classic and a mass of tech designed aorund the large 12.3inch LCD Hi resolution screen. Left hand drive Audi fans will love this car for sure.


When it comes to benchmarks the Ford Focus is a popular one. You know where you are with this car and new one will probably ensure it’s place as Britains best selling car. The new design makes a better impression than the last face lift. Slender looks, premium feel better interior with touchscreen control in all models which actually makes this a rival for Golf. Left hand drive Ford Focus has always been popular for our clients and we think with this model this won’t change.