Non European Land Rover & Range Rover

Ensuring you get the right left hand drive car for your destination country is really important..


There are numerous car exporters in Europe who will happily sell you a LHD or RHD car that isn’t right for it’s destination market. Typically European markets meet very high safety and build quality standards which is attractive but mechanically they are designed to reduce emissions and work with a very high standard of fuel. In particular diesel and diesel particulate filters can’t cope with the generally poor and sometimes dirty fuel in some parts of the world.


In real terms this can lead to your reasonably high value purchase developing serious mechanical issues and in extreme cases even catching fire where DPF filters work so hard by heating up to burn off the residue. 


With left hand drive Land Rover and Range Rover more popular than ever Total Auto has worked harded to provide some extra comfort and opportunity for expatriots and personal export buyers whom want to import a Land Rover into a non European destination such as the Far East, Africa, Eastern Europe and Central Asia and even RHD cars for Africa, the Carribean and Asia. These cars are specifically designed for your destination market and come with the normal 3 year Land Rover warranty.


So if looking for a new car to import into a non European destination why not give Total Auto a call. With great deals on LHD Land Rover and Left hand Drive Range Rover we’re bound to be able to get you a good deal and take the pain out of your car export.