1974 Pontiac Le Mans 5.7 4 Door Automatic




Here we have a 1974 Pontiac Le Mans 5.7 Automatic. This car is offerred as a restoration project. The car has been in the UK for a number of years and has been registered in the UK with a V5 available for the new owner. The car currently is not running, we have put a battery on and then engine is turning but at this point there is no spark, so a wiring investigation needs to take place but the engine appears to have compression and we are confident that this will pop. All ancillary bolts on are on the engine.

There are several are areas where the vehicle will need refabricating on the offisde rear quarter, offside scuttle and along the boot and bonnet edges. However as you will see from the video it is generally solid. Other corrosion areas are mainly surface. The engine bay and inner wings again are surface corroded only. The sills and chassis rails are in good order. Window rubber strips have perished. All glass is in tact and unscratched. Overall it is solid but does need some reworking.

The interior is what really makes the potential for this vehicle shine. Other than being dirty it is in excellent condition, with a small hole in one of the seats and one in the headlining. Generally all fabrics are really good, there are two or three small cracks in the dash topper and all the dials, buttons and fixing are there. I would dare say beyond cleaning and some small cosmetic repairs the interior is complete.

The vehicle is queued for work here and the above may change as we go a long and ultimately it is a car we would like to build eventually.

Our pricing includes UK delivery (excluding highlands and islands), we are happy to quote for shipping anywhere in the world. We are also happy to take any photos, videos or answer any questions you may have. We will look at trade ins also.

Take a look at our Youtube video for more information also.