Showcase: LHD Nissan Note

It’s the little left hand drive car that packs a punch and offers plenty of tech and economy.

LHD Nissan NoteAs small cars go there is plenty of choice in the market which range from the safe to quirky designs. Basic equipment to all signing and dancing as well as a range of eco to performance engines. One of our favourites particularly within the “expatriot” market is the Nissan Note. First and for most when you buy a left hand drive Nissan Note you are buying something is actually very practically designed. It is a small car but the roof heights and interior space feasibly carries up to 5 people or has plenty of space for 2 people and lots of luggage. This is real bonus for those carting luggage and people about without wanting to break the bank on a bigger car. Equally it’s small car design is ideal when it is just 1 or 2 people driving around on local trips or further afield.

Now we don’t proclaim to it to be a sporty looking car but it’s certainly not an ugly looking vehicle if anything it’s nondescript which suits many really but when buying one both the 1.2 petrol and 1.5 Dci engines pack a proper punch attributed to engines which are built for far bigger chassis’s such as the Juke and Qashqai. On this smaller chassis they feel powerful and never give the sense that it is underpowered with 4 people in the car.

You also have a great range of tech available in the cars which when the car is new can be included for a reasonable kind of price. Getting to a car with alloys, navigation, bluetooth, parking sensors and even reversing cameras doesn’t always break the bank so for those of us looking for a decent specification left hand drive car it becomes very very attainable with these little Nissan’s. The Nissan Navigation and Bluetooth system is one of the best we have seen for accuracy and simplicity. Hooking your phone up is really simple and this for most is back thing especially when multiple people have use of the vehicle.

So what about price? With prices from as little as £7995 tax free which is £9594 inclusive of UK VAT these are real bargain and they are also often on offer as well so bagging a new Nissan Note is not far out of reach. Equally used LHD cars become very attractive when for under £10000 you culd pick up a 12 – 18 month 1.5 dci with Navigation among other things.

Interested? Why not check out our range of left hand drive Nissan‘s now?