The LHD 7 Seat Conundrum

Not a day goes by where don’t have a conversation about a seven seat left hand drive car…

And to be quite honest it is really not that surprising within the expat-wagon world. Many of those living or having a second home on the continent relish the idea of a seven seat vehicle principally because of the potential to move the extended family when they visit or for moving friends and family when it suits. We have always known that more so than a domestic vehicle purchase for those looking to buy a left hand drive car head rules more firmly over heart most of the time and practicality is at it’s core. Second to that inherently seven seaters tend to mean plenty of space whether you are moving people or moving luggage or goods. A seven seater almost acts as a quasi-van at times.

So what options do you have? The people carrier market has evolved a lot over the last few years and the true seven seater has kind of become limited to the Ford Galaxy, Ssangyong Rodius and Seat Alhambra among a few limited options with most of the manufacturers producing 5+2 combinations. the +2 being a fold away third row or two seats that when setup more so offer room for two children or two uncomfortable adults over a short distance. Vauxhall offer the Zafira, Mazda offer the Mazda5, Mitsubishi offer the Outlander and Renault offer the Grand Scenic in fact most manufacturer offer some kind of 5+2 7 seat vehicle.

When it comes to our typical client base we have seen some great success with the left hand drive Citroen Grand C4 Picasso, a tech plentiful, good sized MPV on the whole additionally the Volkswagen Touran continues to be a popular choice of slightly more premium MPV. The other side of the market that has become more popular in recent years is the 7 seat SUV. There are some fantastic options here as well. The Qashqai+2 was effectively replaced by a 7 seat LHD Nissan X Trail which we can offer some great deals on. If a left hand drive Hyundai could work then consider the Santa Fe again a robust four wheel drive people moving machine at exceptional value for money. For those looking for a premium luxury badge then we really rate the Land Rover Discovery Sport, there is formula for this vehicle that bring the pricing/spec levels in correctly in the mid to high £30000’s that has been popular although some way away from the Freelander it effectively replaced.

One thing we do always say though is evaluate the true requirement for it. If it is predominantly two of you in the vehicle you may well regret such a big vehicle choice on the 3 or 4 occasions a year you use the full 7 seat configuration as ever buy the car for the 340 days you use it for not the 20 days or so you might.