The Ultimate Practical LHD Car

Recently a client asked what would be the ultimate left hand drive car that ticks all boxes?

IMG_4805 Based on no preference for badge but purely on practicality the answer was relatively simple. Drum roll please…. the Citroen Berlingo Multispace. Yes, that is what we said. OK so in the land of LHD cars this van derived car actually makes an incredible amount of sense in so many areas.

First of all here is size and space. So the Berlingo Multispace isn’t too long or too small but is of such a size that you can park it anywhere but the interior cabin is so spacious. You could carry 5 adults quite happily and have room in the boot area for lots of luggage. On a recent holiday I had rented one of these in Spain and happily fit two adults and two children with car seats a long with a 3 suitcases, 3 hand luggages and a large pushchair in and still had plenty of space for more. The height of the vehicles gives a feel for real airiness and you have the additional option to fold the rear seats forward and create even more load area space.

A left hand drive Citroen Berlingo Multispace is a great choice when trying to choose something that has low or very little in the way of road taxes and fees. The 1.6 diesel engines in particular offer plenty of power but emit low emissions meaning nil tax or the lowest tax bracket ideal for import anywhere. They aIMG_4806lso come at a great starting price too on average with VAT you could easily get into one for as little at £12000 new and can also choose vehicles with a great array of optional extras. Citroen really does offer value for money on optional extras as well.

The slight raised position of the seating and easy access the vehicle makes it easy for those of us with mobility issues too. Sliding sides doors make for less obstacles and of course easy access in tight spaces. You enter the vehicle sideways not having to step up or stoop down.

Overall a LHD Citroen Berlingo Multispace offers practical size, people and luggage carrying ability. Great pricing and good performance and is why we think it makes good sense. Obviously not everyone is a Citroen fan and not everyone wants to drive a car derived van but with a practical head on this really does make a lot of sense.