Two Left Hand Drive SUV’s Worth Considering

This week we have had the pleasure of welcoming the arrival of two LHD SUV’s into stock for customers and take the time to get to know the cars better.

Here at Total Auto we sell all makes and models and part of the beauty of that is we get to see all kinds of brand new cars all the time. This week we saw two mid sized SUV’s arrive in stock destined for new homes with new owners and took the time to get to know both of these vehicles better. The SUV market is one that has grown in poularity and car makers in recent years have moved away from gas guzzling beasts to economic and asthetically pleasing design and not always four wheel drive.

The first is the Toyota Rav4 the baby brother of the Land Cruiser the Rav4 has been available in one form or another for years now and represents a credible off and on road vehicles. For left hand drive Toyota buyers it offers quality and reliable build and this current generation offers updated styling. Little touches in the vehicles make for a slightly more premium feel like the carbon fibre style door trims on the interior. Practicality lays at it’s heart with reclining rear seats which offers room for three adults in the back also. The Rav4 fits nicely in to the mid sized 4×4 sector, not oversized but offering presense, clearance and driving position.

This particular version of the Rav4 is rest of world specification specifically built for the non-EU markets where fuel quality in particular is more of an issue. LHD Toyota is a popular choice in African, Eastern European and Asian markets principally due to the wide spread of mechanical service support and with a rest of world warranty it makes sense for peace of mind driving.

LHD Tucson4001We also for the first time saw the new Hyundai Tucson in the flesh. The Tucson is the new faclfited and rebranded replacement for the ever popular IX35. Whilst maintaining dimensions it does feel slightly bigger taking it from a Qashqai equivalent to a RAV4 opponent. The striking new front end gives it a more aggressive finish whilst inside it is put together in a robust way. Benefiting from good ground clearance it likely that more two wheel drive version will be sold than four wheel drive particularly at a great entry price price point. Total Auto will be selling the left hand drive Hyundai Tucson at less than £16000 including UK taxes for the entry vehicles which is nearly £3000 below the right hand drive price.

So who would we recommend these for?

LHD Toyota Rav4 – Ideal for anyone looking to move up to five adults looking and luggage. Renowned as a reliable off road vehicle with a near premium build finish. Ideal for non-European destinations as well as domestic. Practicality, subtelty and performance are at the heart of this vehicle. Where basic versions offer the essentials at a reasoanable price, a luxury edge for financial upgrade can be found.

LHD Hyundai Tucson – A great way to get into stylish but exceptionally well priced SUV. Lots of gadgets as standard. Fantastic 5 year warranty for peace of mind driving. Great looks and good value for money all round whilst not compromising on passenger or luggage space.