What about a left hand drive Hyundai IX35?

Hyundai have grown in stature in recent years but for many they still don’t understand why a LHD Hyundai might be a great alternative.


Everyday we asked for quotes on SUV’s. Left hand drive Nissan Qashqai, Toyota Rav4, Freelander and even things like the Kia Sportage but when one of these doesn’t meet your demands for price or lead time we will often suggest the Hyundai IX35 as a good alternative.


Left Hand Drive Hyundai IX35The IX35 is a crossover that compete directly with the Qashqai style mid size SUV. Sitting proud in terms of road height but also with an exceptional level of spec. Take something like the comfort model. This includes 17 inch alloy wheels, cruise control, light and rain sensors, bluetooth, quality audio system and park distance control. Even the 2 wheel drive version which lets face it is ample for most european road setups comes with all the safety and control equipment including airbags, ABS, TCS and ESP. As a left hand drive SUV or 4×4 goes the IX35 covers most bases.


Styling is a real positive too. Lending from various inspirations it blends sleak design, sportiness and road presence. They are well built and reliable and this all comes with a 5 year unlimited mileage warranty which is pan-European. Hyundai offers the left hand drive car buyer something extra in terms of peace of mind, equipment level and performance. CO2 emissions are also relatively low for it’s class meaning it doesn’t cost the earth on import to most European destinations.


And what’s more as a price point Hyundai is very attractive. The IX35 1.7 CRDI Comfort comes in at £16750 tax free. All that kit and equipment fully registered and taxed in the UK in LHD format for just over £20000!


So if you are thinking about a crossovers take a moment to think about why the left hand drive Hyundai IX35 offers a great alternative to the mainstream.