What about LHD Warranty?

Warranty on your new or used left hand drive car purchase is often a question asked by clients..

And it’s a very good one after all no car purchase is particularly a small one. That investment usually comes second to the house and safeguarding it when you get problems is a big consideration. When it comes to new left hand drive cars Warranty is pan-European and regardless of where you buy your car or where it comes from originally it will be covered by the full manufacturer warranty regardless of whether you are the first, second or third keeper. So for example, if you buy a left hand drive Range Rover then you will have the benefit of Land Rover’s 3 year warranty. If the car is purchased in the UK then the warranty covers you throughout Europe. In fact is actually protected by EU law. Of course you need to meet the obligations of the warranty in terms of fulfilling the vehicle manufacturer service schedule by servicing on time and using recommended parts.

Some clients have experienced some issues progressing warranty work but invariably this only requires clarification by the main dealer talking to head office to realise that the car is covered. We have seen this in some remote areas that maybe don’t have as many expat clients as other areas. We have experienced this in the UK where they just don’t come across LHD cars often and assume they should be treated like non-EU imports.

We also offer a used car warranty as well that covers vehicles that are outside of manufacturer warranty. We offer an Total Auto 6 month warranty that covers all major parts and is serviceable outside of the UK. There is a strict process of sign off for work being carried out that is simple to follow but crucial to obtian authorisation on so we can effectively manage the process and ensure that work is correct and payments are made promptly to repairers or buyers.

What about breakdown cover? Now typically you don’t automatically get the breakdown cover you would get with a domestic origin car. These products tend to be offerred as a localised/national insurance product so often clients will need to purchase additional breakdown cover or as with many countries including Spain this cover is included in your car insurance.