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Here at Total Auto we are crazy about Classic Cars and American cars! Whether you are looking for a Fast Ford from the 1980’s built in Dagenham or want to import or buy an all-American Muscle Car from Detroit or you are just trying to find that ideal classic project car. We have something for everyone!

We specialise in imported cars, classics and left hand drive cars. Our experience in the UK import market also allows us to offer a comprehensive UK registration service helping you with shipping, customs, getting it road legal and registered.

Once you have your dream classic car we are also on hand to help with routine maintenance, repairs and taking your projects to the next level. We have the workshop, the tools and the experience to keep your car or truck on the road!

When you choose Total Auto, you can expect a quality vehicle, a great service, a wealth of knowledge and as much passion for classic and American cars as you.

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