UK American Car Dealer

American Cars have always been a passion for Total Auto and we can help you realise your dream of owning a Yank!

There is something about American motoring heritage. Don’t get me wrong the UK has a pedigree when it comes to building cars, I’m mean Aston Martin, MG, Land Rover to name but a few but there really is something special about those Stars & Stripes built Chevrolet’s, Dodge’s, Ford’s and Pontiac’s.  American cars offer something different to the norm and fundamentally offer a crazy alternative to what we have had here in the UK or Europe generally. It’s not necessarily that British charm, German refinement or French quirk or even Italian flare but it is about crazy V8’s, road filling presence, petrol station towing, brilliance with a style that well is quintessentially American!

Whether you want a true classic, a hot rod, a project, a big engine weekend car or a daily runner there is something out there for you. The reality is when you import an American car or truck you are joining a community of enthusiasts all with there own opinion and views. It’s a talking point or even a debating point. With newer vehicles you might be buying something you just can’t buy here in the UK or Europe. The current generation of Chevrolet Camaro is a great example of this or even the Dodge Ram another popular US Truck often seen on UK roads. Equally when it comes to the classics there is plenty to chose from 60’s Ford Mustangs, 50’s Chevrolet Bel Airs, Ford Cadillacs, Chevrolet 3100 Trucks, Dodge Dart and Charger, Ford Galaxie, Lincoln Continental…. Shall I carry on?

Sourcing that American car or truck can seem a distant dream but the beauty but many examples are out there for the taking, handling the purchase, the import, the prep and the registration can equally be another matter but it’s something the team here at Total Auto are used to doing. With a vast array of connections accross the United States, shipping agents and our own facilities here in the UK, it all helps to bring you one step closer to your ideal car. Whether you want something new or you want to find that classic we can assist. As an American Car Importer we pride ourselves on understanding the vehicles, what to look out for and what to avoid and have helped many buyers find that ideal car over the years whether it’s new, used but restored or bought as a project.

So why not take a look through our UK American Car stock or get in touch with your requirements and we can see if we can help you.