Classic Cars – Keep it Original or Modernise?

When it comes to buying, importing classic cars or American cars and deciding whether to restore or modify there are so many options…

So you find that ideal candidate of a classic car or truck whether its a UK barn find or it’s a an American car import you have found online in the states. What you do with it when you get your hands on it is a big decision.

Run it as is? – So if it runs, drives, stops and is MOT’d and safe then however ratty or good condition it is, you can get loads of enjoyment out of just running your vehicle around, whether it’s daily, weekend or to shows. As long as it fires up and stops when it needs to there isn’t necessarily any requirement other than to do the basis maintenance any cars needs. Modern imported American cars may only need that any way but even some of the classic cars only need a little bit of attention every now and again.

Full Restoration – You hear lots of talk about matching numbers cars where the VIN, engine number and transmission numbers all match. This is great as it’s totally original but invariably does it really matter if they don’t? You will find numerous views on this. Full restorations are enormously satisfying and usually full of frustrations and can come with huge cost too. In many ways keeping it original also sustains the historical importance of your classic vehicle too. Why change those beautiful stock wheels when you don’t need to, it will still turn heads.

Resto-Mod and Hot Rod – We all love a custom American car or a Hot Rod Ford Model A. As an American car dealer and importer we have bought many cars that have undergone modification and we have indeed opted to put in new crate engines with more power or uprate distributors or change carburettors for more reliable units. This can lead to something really exciting and enjoyable.

In summary, you have loads of options and what we would always say is create, build or have what you want. If you want it original stay original. If you want a crazy UK American hot rod with a Hellcat engine go for it! As long as all us enthusiasts keep the hobby alive thats all that matters!