New Car Star Buy: Fiat Punto – Just £9795

The Fiat Punto makes sense on so many levels. It offers the owner compact design with plenty of room for people and luggage. The 1.2 petrol engine is small yet concise and offers pace when needed as well as economy. Punto has always been a popular choice, uncomplicated and easy for any mechanic to work on and far from costly to maintain or repair. This concept has always been at the heart of the Italian brands core small car offerring for decades.

For just £9795 including VAT and road tax with a full UK registration you get an air conditioned model with front electric windows, CD, Radio and peace of mind of a Fiat warranty servicable throughout Europe. These cars are in continental stock and available for collection with just a couple of weeks, registered in your name on a normal UK V5. They are also available for tax free export sale throughout the world either shipped to you destination country directy or available on the personal export scheme for UK collection.

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