Selling Your American Car

Whether its time for a change, end of a project or a selling on an unwanted car, choosing to sell an American car comes with numerous considerations..

Selling any car, truck or van can seem daunting to those of us not used to the hustle and bustle, cut and thrust of the motor trade but selling a classic American car or even a modern one can seem even more complicated. Principally the where and how to sell, how much and what to mention all make it sometimes daunting.

The principles as with any car you are selling is good quality photos, lots of them, maybe some video and then lots of detail. Classic cars in particular are rarely stock and as they came out of factory, lots of work gets done to them and various modifications that can make them better, more desirable and more valuable. Advertising them in all the usual places also such as Autotrader, Ebay, Motors as well as Classic Car Weekly or Classic American magazine. Selling at private sale pricing is always going to maximise your return. You then have quicker sale routes with none of the hassle selling to trade buyers, no risk, less complication, quicker deals albeit a lower price. We buy American and classic cars all the time and can gladly help you sell an American car.

Pricing is particularly difficult whilst there are guide prices from the likes of Hagertys this again is rough. Really these are worth what someone will pay which sounds obvious in some ways. Essentially you need to establish what type of category of condition the car is:

Parts Car – Lowest value, non runner which in all likelihood is to far gone to fully restore.

Project – Would run or does run, needs continued restoration but has potential

Good Condition – Drive it as is or choose to improve.

Concourse – Near Mint Condition, fully restored

Resto-Mod/Custom – Modified or rebuilt beyond original spec

Realistically establishing this helps set realistic prices. As an example a concourse First Generation Chevrolet Camaro SS might sell for £40000 but this doesn’t mean a project one is worth that. Equally a custom one may not be worth more.

Detail is also crucial. Mileage, year of registration, options, equipment, work carried out, mechanical and cosmetic condition all these things will help sell it and maximise your value.

We have been American car buyers for over a decade now and we buy everything from 50’s truck, to 70’s muscle cars to 2000’s cars and pickups. If it’s from the USA we are interested by proxy. So if you want some advice or want to sell your American vehicle feel free to get in touch.